Rent excluding charges: 50.00 € / m2 / year
This site is looking for a buyer/investor for the 23,000 m² cold storage space to rent, on the Terminal du Port de Sète, in the Occitanie region. This large property has attractive features: storage capacity of 15,000 pallets, 10 cold rooms with positive or negative cold, 33 loading doors. This site has a beneficial location: the port of Sète is the largest in the South West of France and is located near Montpellier and 2 hours from Toulouse.

Description of the property

Rental of a 23,000 m² warehouse in Sète, in Hérault (34)

Are you looking for a warehouse? Discover this opportunity in Occitanie. With 23,000 m² of floor space, this warehouse in very good condition is equipped with a positive and negative cold refrigeration system in 10 cold rooms, sectional doors and loading docks. Contact our teams for more information.

An ideally located warehouse, within the terminal of the port of Sète

Offered to rent, this warehouse will benefit from multimodal accessibility as well as the attractiveness of Montpellier, Toulouse and the whole Occitanie region.

  • In the immediate vicinity:

    • the Sète TGV station
    • the port of Sète
  • Within 50 km:
    • Montpellier Mediterranée Airport
    • the TGV stations of Agde, Montpellier Saint-Roch and Montpellier Sud de France


Perfect accessibility:

  • A dense motorway network: A9 to the Rhone Valley and Spain, A75 to the Massif Central and Northern Europe, and A61 to the Midi-Pyrénées region. Sète is located 35 km from Montpellier, 95 km from Perpignan, 183 km from Toulouse, 278 km from Lyon.
  • A waterway network via the Rhône canal in Sète accepts units of up to 1500 tonnes (capacity from 80 to 100 TEU per barge) and is connected to a large-gauge network on the Rhône-Saône axis. In 2018, the carrying capacity increased to 2,500 tonnes with the work in progress to upgrade the gauge of the Rhone canal in Sète.
  • A rail network directly connected to the national network and railway bundles. Work is currently underway to optimise the operation and a combined transport project is planned for 2016-2017 near the future container terminal.

A functional warehouse

With an area of 23,000 m², the warehouse is located in a multimodal environment and offers loading docks. It is equipped with sectional doors and a positive and negative cold refrigeration system.

Refrigeration facilities on the Port of Sète for the deposit and storage of perishable foods (fruit, vegetables, fish and meat) in positive and negative cold include:

  • 1 temperature-controlled on-shore warehouse with a surface area of 23,000 m² consisting of three storage cells,
  • Total storage capacity of 15,000 pallets for repackaging and order preparation including 5,500 in 10 cold rooms,
  • 9 cold rooms (from -2 to +14°C) adapted to ensure the continuity of the cold chain,
  • 1 cold room (at -25°C) suitable for storing frozen products,
  • 33 loading doors for trucks,
  • 27 doors for the unloading of reefers containers,
  • Processing capacity of 500,000 pallets/year and 20,000 TEUs.

What’s the price for this warehouse?

Type of lease: lease agreement or temporary occupancy agreement of up to 35 years.

The rental price is set at €50/m²/year. For a possible purchase, discussions will be held directly with the region.

Are you interested in this warehouse and would like to have more information about it? Our teams are available for further information.

Technical features

  • Multimodality Road Train Fluvial Port
  • Controlled temperature Positive and negative cold
  • Loading dock Yes
  • Sectional doors Yes
  • Broadband Internet Broadband

Financial conditions

  • Rent excluding charges 50.00 € / m2 / an
  • Classified facility NOT DEFINED

Access to the area

  • Motorways < 20 min.


  • Regional trains, tramway and metro < 20 min.

    Sète train station

  • High-speed trains < 20 min.

    Sète train station

  • Airport Between 20 min and 1h

    Montpellier airport

  • International airport Between 20 min and 1h

    Montpellier airport

  • Public transport in the area Yes


Project manager

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Key information

  • Type of property warehouse
  • Last update 21/11/2022
  • General condition of the property very good state
  • Minimum area 23000.00 m2
  • Maximum area 23000.00 m2

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