Agri-food buildings

Agri-food buildings

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According to your search zone, we can offer you several food processing properties or agri-villages meeting food safety standards and your project specifications.

Food processing properties

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our buildings associated with dry, fresh or frozen food processing activities and storage (positive or negative cold):

  • Workshops and storage rooms
  • Negative cold storage
  • Positive cold storage
  • Room temperature storage
  • Cold rooms (positive and negative cold)
  • Dry, unheated storage
  • Workshops
  • Buildings with clean rooms and cold unit that can be converted for food processing activities
  • Shared platform for allotment and controlled temperature storage
  • "Bio control" effluent treatment facility 

Should you have any questions or need help with your search for food processing properties, do not hesitate to contact Fanny Soufflet, our expert for the food industry, on +33 (0)1 78 76 78 00.

Some of our buildings

Check out our food processing properties, business premises and business parks dedicated to the food industry.

Batiment agroalimentaire Dijon

Food processing properties in Dijon

Batiment agroalimentaire Lille


 Food processing properties  LILLE

Batiment agroalimentaire Manosque

Food processing properties in France

All of our food processing properties meet the requirements of buildings with cold room.

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