Setting up industrial operations

Setting up industrial operations

Our team is experienced in advising industrial companies on the best manufacturing sites in Europe.

Industry plays a key role in the French and Spanish economies. With 230,000 industrial businesses, France is one of the most advantageous markets to invest in, particularly with regard to the automotive, luxury and high-tech sectors. Spain is one of Europe’s most important industrial markets with manufacturing being one of the most important Spanish industrial sectors.

Our partnership with more than 150 regions enables us to help you find the business property that best suits your needs:

  • Premises for rent or sale
  • Constructible land
  • Rehabilitation of industrial areas
  • Industrial laboratories
  • Industrial sites with offices and technical rooms
  • Surface area, ceiling height, loading docks, heating, first aid hose system, quality equipment
  • Close to major roads
  • Attractive prices
  • Financial aids, support for job creation, incentives for starting new businesses

Finding the best site for industrial companies

Thanks to their strategic position in western Europe and their efficient transport systems, France and Spain are both highly competitive marketplace for industrial businesses, including strategic companies such as Airbus, Thalès, Alstom, Repsol and ACS Group.

Our partners support you throughout your search for the best site to start or relocate your industrial business. You have the opportunity to check out hundreds of offers and to find the property that matches your needs, activity and budget.

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