Funding for Setting Up Operations

Funding for Setting Up Operations

Aids and Grants for Setting Up Your Company

Thanks to our network of local authorities throughout France, we can inform you about local and regional aids that you can apply for when creating or setting up of your company. 

These public grants are provided by the French government or local authorities and can take different forms:

  • Investment grants and aids for job creation
  • Tax relief depending on the chosen area
  • Exemption from social security contributions (for example in Urban Free Zones)
  • Exemption from social and fiscal charges over 5 years (e.g. BER measures in the region Ardennes*)
  • Easier access to premises managed by local authorities (business incubators, short-lease premises and so on)

To find out more about regional and local grants you may be eligible to, please feel free to contact us for any advice by phone, by email at or by filling in the contact form.


Different Types of Grants to Set Up Your Business Operations

If you are looking for solutions to set up or relocate your company, we can provide you with information about available grants.

Some grants facilitate a better geographic distribution of companies in France:

  • Exemption from the income tax: it is granted to companies setting up their activity in specific Regional Development Areas,
  • Regional planning grant: it is given to companies who choose specific Regional Development Areas under certain conditions,
  • Exemption from social contributions in Urban Free Zones (ZFU),
  • Exemption from local taxes (for the part going to the State) in certain geographic zones

There are also other measures to facilitate the professional reintegration of the unemployed. For example, in the case of a company creation, several advantages are possible:

  • Exemption from social security contribution over a year (or more, depending on the case)
  • NACRE aid (new support for companies' creation and takeover)
  • Emergence and financing of innovative projects with the support of some local authorities and of OSEO.
  • * BER measure in department of Ardennes: companies who start a business before the 31st December 2017 in this region, on Employment Areas that need revitalising (BER), can benefit from fiscal and social advantages almost unique in France: exemption from fiscal charges over 5 years and exemption from social charges over 5 years

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