Clean and grey rooms

Clean and grey rooms

You may have requirements for specific premises such as clean rooms for your company. is specialised in businesses expansion and is committed to helping you find premises with clean rooms.

Clean rooms must meet specific hygiene and security standards. Several regional organisations have developed favourable conditions for companies working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or biotech industry, all sectors that tend to require clean rooms.

Thanks to our network of local organisations and business parks, we can help you find all the available clean rooms in our partner regions that meet your project specifications. Several biotech start-ups and biotechnology SMEs already benefit from our free search services for companies looking to expand their businesses.

Are you looking for clean rooms or a new laboratory to develop your agri-food or biotech business?

In order to better advise you throughout your business development process, catalogues clean rooms laboratories adapted to your operations.

We offer you laboratories in technology parks and facilities comprising  equipped clean rooms: lab benches, storage areas, etc. Thanks to, you will benefit from a range of services, as well as access to numerous resources (customised equipment, meeting rooms, etc.) and in close proximity to a network of research institutes, universities and hubs.

Any questions?

Should you have any questions or need help with your search for clean or grey rooms, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts by phone or via email at

You can also get more business real estate solutions for free by sending us your search criteria via email at or filling in the form on the right side of this page. One of our experts will contact you promptly by email or phone to propose you the best solutions and public grants for your project.



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