"Genopole is an ideal springboard for developing your business”

Genopole, le November 15, 2021 par Laure Pham

Laurent Thiery, founder of Enalees, is a first-hand witness of the impact of Genopole on his business. As a prologue to the November 23 webinar, he looks back at his company's history and the advantages of the biocluster for entrepreneurs wishing to develop their business in the fields of innovative therapies, industrial biotechnologies and digital genomics. Read more

Genopole: an ecosystem designed for innovative entrepreneurs

Webinar, le November 2, 2021 par Laure Pham

Genopole is dedicated to promoting the growth of innovative SMEs and startups. This is the ideal ecosystem that invest-HUB is unveiling as a prelude to the webinar organised for Tuesday 23rd November in collaboration with Genopole and aimed at entrepreneurs looking for the ideal framework to boost their development and make their project a reality. Read more

[WEBINAR] Genopole boosts the growth of innovative companies

Webinar, le October 27, 2021 par Laure Pham

Genopole and Geolink Expansion are joining forces for a unique webinar on Tuesday 23 November. Aimed at innovative start-up entrepreneurs, this event aims to raise awareness of the advantages of an ecosystem dedicated to innovation and development of players in innovative therapies, industrial biotechnologies and digital genomics. Read more

Calais to the tune of Traviata

Calais, le September 15, 2021 par Anton Frenzel

The Turin-based company Mr. Transport has chosen Calais to set up its first site in France. An obvious choice for the specialist in the express transport of high added value goods, but one to which the Invest-hub teams are no strangers... Read more

Will you be the future champion of the blue economy?

Blue economy, le September 2, 2021 par Anton Frenzel

Renewable energies, biotechnologies, aquaculture, transport, naval and nautical industries, digital technology, tourism and cruises... the blue economy offers an unprecedented area of development and responds to the growing needs of the population in fields ranging from food to health, including energy transition and transport and leisure. This unique potential is already well understood by a certain number of territories that are working to offer optimal development conditions to entrepreneurs in the sector. Read more

The French market inspires confidence!

Calais, le June 30, 2021 par Laure Pham

At the end of 2020, Cacesa, a subsidiary of the aeronautical giant IAG (Iberia, British Airways), set up in Calais. Rodrigo Peñas, Sales and Operations Director, tells invest-hub.org about the reasons for this move. From Brexit to the opportunities offered by France, all subjects are discussed. Read more

50 hectares of turnkey land at the Port of Rouen!

Webinar, le May 11, 2021 par Cécile Delepine

Discover in video an exceptional opportunity for all players in agro-industry, recycling, health, energy, Industry 4.0, and eco-industry and circular economy professionals who want to boost their economic development at the gateway to Paris, all whilst benefiting from the support of the leading French port complex! Read more

BREXIT: What does the future hold for British companies?

France, le April 30, 2021 par Laure Pham

On Wednesday 28th April, the European Parliament ratified the trade and cooperation agreement between the EU and the UK, a process which concludes 4 years of negotiations between London and Brussels. It is a major change on a political level, but also for international entrepreneurs who must now adapt to new rules in order to continue operating. In this article, Invest-hub gives you all the key information to help you understand the changes that are happening, and the best ways to benefit from them. Read more

[WEBINAR] Do you (really) know the Port of Rouen? 50 hectares of port land available immediately

Webinaire, le May 11, 2021 par Alexis Savalle

Are you looking to discover the economic benefits of Rouen and establish your company along the banks of the Seine? 50 hectares of “turnkey” port land are available, enjoying a range of services at the no. 1 port complex in France - Paris-Rouen-Le Havre! For more information, Pascal GABET, Managing Director of HAROPA-Port of Rouen, will answer your questions on Tuesday, 11 May at 10am during a one-off webinar. Read more

Setting up a business in France

France, le March 17, 2021 par Laure Pham

Do you want to set up a company in France, but need some help getting to know the different legal structures? The following article will make it clear for you. We will review each and every existing structure so you can identify which type of company you should create depending on your expansion project for France. Remember that it is important to follow two steps. The first one is to decide whether to set up a liaison office, a branch office or a subsidiary office. And then, you need to focus on choosing one of five specific legal forms. Read more

“The launch of immo-HUB and invest-HUB consolidates Geolink Expansion's strategy to make its French regions all the more attractive!”

International, le December 18, 2020 par Stéphane Loubet

Having begun last February with the innov-HUB launch, Geolink Expansion is keeping up momentum and renaming the group’s platforms one by one, in order to connect both national and international investors and entrepreneurs with French regions. This is an operation that is part of the expansion of a strategy codesigned over the years with Geolink’s partners, and shared here by Gwénaël Le Guennec, CEO and Founder of the company. Read more

Malaga, champion of the home office

Malaga, le October 21, 2020 par Cécile Delepine

Navigating the future of the home office and remote working, Malaga has designed spaces optimised for the decentralised worker. A winning bet for the Andalusian pearl that, during this current health crisis, has never been more sought after. Read more

France’s Research Tax Credit

-, le March 9, 2020 par Alexis Savalle

France has a unique research tax credit system which is the most generous in Europe. The French research tax credit which is available to companies doing research and development in France is ranked as the number 1 funding measure for European companies and is Europe’s most generous R&D tax system. Read more
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