The 3rd edition of Battery Innovation Days will take place on November 14 and 15, 2023, in Bordeaux and online.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is committed to the development of the circular economy and aims to become the first eco-responsible region in France, making it an ideal candidate to host BID 2023.

The three main European initiatives for battery research and innovation (Batteries Europe, Battery 2030+, and the Batteries European Partnership Association), in partnership with Batteries 1st and 2nd IPCEI, will jointly organize the annual conference on research and innovation in the field of batteries. The event will feature numerous experts and knowledgeable speakers discussing the latest key strategic approaches in the European landscape of battery research and innovation, and much more!

Battery Innovation Days promote dialogue among the research community, policymakers, industry players, and end-users to stimulate research and innovation in the field of batteries in Europe. The event aims to increase knowledge and encourage discussions around the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in the field of battery materials, cell design, manufacturing, and recycling.

Battery Innovation Days 2023


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