For innovative biotech companies looking to expand, setting up an international operation in a dedicated ecosystem generates great opportunities for business development, partnerships and new research.

France is one of Europe’s leading countries in the biotech industry. There are over 400 biotech companies in France, which employ over 6,000 people. Biotechnology has officially been designated as one of France’s national research priorities by the government, so French public institutions mobilise resources to encourage research and innovation in biotechnology.

National structures such as France Biotech have been created to support the development of biotech companies in France. France Biotech encourages innovation in HealthTech, putting entrepreneurs in touch with expert partners. France Biotech organises events such as HealthTech Investor day which will take place in Paris in June, to encourage networking within the biotech sector and to make it easy for innovative biotechnology companies to identify investors, partners and business opportunities.

Leading biotechnology companies such as Ynsect and ALZProtect have their roots in France. There are many structures throughout France which have been created to support the growth of new and innovative biotech businesses, specifically startup clusters and technopoles. They offer cheaper rents, exclusive networking opportunities and a collaborative biotechnology environment.

Genopole: France’s leading biotech cluster near to Paris

Genopole is a leading technopole dedicated to biotechnology in France and in Europe. Genopole employs 2,400 people, with 87 biotech companies and 17 academic research laboratories based there. €623 million has been raised in equity funding by companies based at Genopole.

Companies based at Genopole benefit from unique networking opportunities and advanced support for R&D. 30% of Genopole’s budget is used to support the research of companies that are based there and the technopole offers an  ‘ATIGE’ grant of €250,000 to support emerging scientific leaders, allowing them to create a team within Genopole’s biocluster. Applications are open to researchers from all of Genopole’s key industry sectors, including genomics, biology and gene and cell therapy.

Genopole has also put in place a ‘shaker & booster’ programme to support innovative biotechnology companies. Biotech businesses accepted onto the programme will be able to have a lab or office at Genopole rent-free for the first 6 months, as well as receiving tailored advice on their business model from Genopole’s team of biotech entrepreneuriat experts, and help raising funds.

Finally, Genopole’s strategic position in Ile-de-France, the Parisian region, makes it an ideal place for the international development of your biotech business. Ile-de-France is Europe’s leading cluster for biotechnology companies, and the European region in which the most patents are filed. The Parisian region is also western Europe’s leading region for the development of startups.

Vue aérienne de Genopole

Bioparc Lyon: a dedicated biotechnology structure in France’s second economic hub

Lyon’s Bioparc offers attractive opportunities to set up business for both biotech startups and more established companies working in the biotechnology or life sciences industry. Lyon’s ‘canceropole’ is also based at the Bioparc, and is a structure dedicated to supporting the growth of companies working on drugs or technologies to fight cancer. Lyon’s bioparc hosts many French and international biotech companies, and is the perfect location to set up for biotech companies looking for a unique dedicated ecosystem.

Lyon’s Bioparc is also in a strategic location which is beneficial to your biotech company’s growth, Lyon is France’s second biotech cluster as well as the leading economic hub after Paris. Lyon has one of the highest concentrations of hospitals and universities in Europe, and is home to 1,100 biotech researchers, 12,000 medical students and 14,500 people who are employed by 171 businesses in the health sector. The presence of many other health and biotech companies means that Lyon is a great city to do business and establish partnerships in, and also proves that Lyon’s economic environment is beneficial to the growth of biotech startups.

Lyon’s central location makes it easy to travel around France and Europe, and companies that set up in Lyon benefit from lower rental and salary costs than in the capital. The Bioparc’s central location in Lyon guarantees a great quality of work and life for those who work there.

Alsace BioValley: a specialised biotech cluster in the heart of Europe

The BioValley, located near to Strasbourg in Alsace, is a competitivity cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, and is home to companies that work in the development of drugs or medical devices. The BioValley was designed by and for healthcare companies and has 155 members, including startups, SMEs, large groups and academic research labs.

Alsace BioValley actively supports the expansion of international biotech companies, offering services like support for continuing R&D, establishing contacts with potential partners and help and advice for setting up your business in the Grand Est Region. Companies that set up in Alsace BioValley benefit from the cluster’s advances European biotechnology network. BioValley’s business experts advise you on finding funding, as well as marketing and market needs for international biotech companies expanding to France.

Strasbourg, Alsace is also a strategic business location for biotech companies looking to expand in Europe. Alsace is located in France, on the border to Germany and Switzerland. This makes it easy to do business in all three countries, and this position is especially advantageous as these are three of Europe’s leading countries for the biotechnology industry.

Bloc opératoire - Alsace BioValley supporting your expansion to France

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