Adèle James, co-founder of Phagos, tells us more about the innovative process developed by the young company and the decisive role played by Genopole in developing its solution.

Could you introduce us to Phagos?

Phagos uses the natural predator of bacteria, the bacteriophage, to offer an alternative solution to antibiotics to combat infectious diseases in aquaculture (oysters, shrimps, etc.). In concrete terms, we channel the potential of bacteriophages by optimising their development so as to keep the target pathogenic bacteria populations under control.


Adèle James, co-founder of Phagos


Why did you choose Genopole to pursue your growth?

First of all, because when we were looking for lab benches to rent, Genopole was the only organisation able to meet our needs. And all this at particularly attractive rates! The quality of our discussions with Genopole, its ability to listen and its genuine desire to meet our needs did the rest. Today, we can say that at Phagos, we don't regret our choice at all, thanks in particular to the Open Lab, which gives us access to a wide range of equipment and services: apparatus, incubators, autoclaves, waste management, etc.

But also to have your own premises...

Absolutely, from December, we will have our own laboratory and office to support our growth. Our regular exchanges within the incubator and with Laurent Pépin, Director of the Business Development and Partnerships Department, enabled us to quickly become aware of the opportunities offered by Genopole and to seize the opportunity to move into these new premises within the incubator.



Another step in your development...

Absolutely. The Genopole team is very supportive and available to help us in our development. We have just joined the Gene. IO, a programme designed for innovative start-ups looking for investors and commercial partners to prepare for market entry and develop new products or services. I would add, in parallel, that working in contact with other entrepreneurs allows us, in parallel, to exchange on a certain number of issues but also favours, to a certain extent, cooperation between Genopolitans. Being able to get to the site in less than an hour from Paris by public transport is also a considerable advantage.

Why do you think Genopole is the ideal place for an innovative entrepreneur to launch or boost the development of their business?

The diversity of facilities and the support offered through the Shaker and Gene.IO programs are pragmatic answers for young entrepreneurs looking for ready to use solutions. Joining Genopole is simply making life easier for yourself and providing you with the means to accelerate your development.


"Joining Genopole means having an effective means to accelerate your development".


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