Specializing in the manufacture of metal fencing for sensitive sites, the Turkish group Kösedag has chosen Eastern France to set up its first production unit outside Turkey. This investment will enable the company to pursue its development in Europe.

In February 2023, the Turkish group Kösedag officially announced the takeover of part of the former Sarreguemines earthenware factory in Vitry-le-François, in Eastern France, to set up its first European plant. Around 20 million euros will be invested by the company, with production due to start during the year, and around 30 jobs are expected to be created when the business is up and running.

This location is clearly in line with the region's commitment to promoting an industry 4.0 that is both high-performance and more respectful of the environment. While the support and commitment of Marne Développement and Communauté de communes de Vitry Champagne et Der  and Invest Eastern France was decisive, the proximity of the site to Paris, as well as to countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Germany, was also a major asset for Kösedag, whose ambition was to reduce its delivery distances in order to limit its carbon footprint.

"After exploring possibilities in Eastern Europe, the group decided to move closer to its Western European clientele and take advantage of the 'Made in France' label, a decisive factor for many of its customers," explains Meena Bukhureea, immo-HUB's location manager, who was involved in identifying and setting up the Turkish giant. "After a number of discussions aimed at fully understanding Kösedag's specifications, I drew up a list of properties likely to meet the company's expectations", adds Meena Bukhureea. In addition to a surface area of at least 5,000 m², Ködesag wanted easy access from the motorway network and an outdoor area of between 10,000 and 15,000 m² to facilitate truck parking.

The support of the local community, which was mobilized to help implement the project through the search for suitable land and real estate, as well as to facilitate contact between the players essential to the success of this location (Préfecture, employment centre, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.), contributed significantly to the speed of this operation. Barely six months elapsed between the first contact and the announcement of Kösedag's move to Eastern France.

Kösedag sets up its first European plant in Eastern France


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