Navigating the future of the home office and remote working, Malaga has designed spaces optimised for the decentralised worker. A winning bet for the Andalusian pearl that, during this current health crisis, has never been more sought after.

At the heart of the Andalusia Technology Park, or right in the town centre, Malaga has on offer offices and coworking spaces that are made to meet all of a national or international company’s current needs. For sale or for rent, spread over areas ranging from 15m2 to more than 140m2, the properties were designed to respond to all the issues we are facing right now, whether that means your business is in need of a small, private office for an individual employee, or if it means that you are looking for a large area for a part of your team. Malaga, alongside the city’s development agency Promalaga, have long understood the advantages of the home office, and the concomitant possibility for any company of working from a distance. And so in encouraging this way of work, Malaga has created numerous spaces optimised for the decentralised worker, providing the advantages of working close to home, along with the ambience and tools essential for the successful completion of an employee’s missions. And if this wasn’t enough, via its development agency Malaga is also able to support entrepreneurs in their process of finding their ideal property, whether they are buying or renting.

Malaga, the perfect place to live and work

Known for its avant-gardism, its climate, its cultural heritage… Malaga is the ideal environment for living and working. Innovative by nature, the city furthers this with its strategic scheme that values innovation in the area. This is an ambition very much facilitated by an education system that is one of Europe’s best, and by a network of particularly efficient young graduates. All this, without forgetting Malaga’s dynamic ecosystem, in which numerous national and international businesses in the audio-visual content and digital/IT sectors already thrive. When is your turn?

Malaga, champion of the home office


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