Iberia Airlines branch CACESA has chosen to expand to Paris-CDG. invest-HUB takes you behind the scenes of this project, which is going to reach its conclusion in 2021 with the opening of the company’s first offices in France.

We began our international expansion in 2019, in opening our first office in Liège (Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia region). We decided very quickly after that to accelerate this process and directed our search towards France, a country that had always been our priority”,explains Rodrigo Peñas Blázquez, sales and operations manager of the Spanish company CACESA. He goes on to highlight that “from June 2020, Geolink Expansion and invest-HUB’s experts were a great help to us, in initiating and refining our project. And then, after having assessed our specifications, they very quickly put us in touch with Paris-CDG Alliance’s Land Promotion Pole. This entity in turn played its cards right immediately, in not only proposing premises suited to our needs, but also in dedicating a day to introduce us to a great audience of potential partners”. The fact that Paris-CDG is globally one of the largest airports was certainly also a decisive selling point for the company that works with China and Latin America, amongst others. The project will become a reality very soon, with the opening anticipated at the beginning of 2021.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport welcomes CACESA


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