Setting up in the South of France

As mentioned by Poppy Newall in July, the professional services firm EY recently published its annual report analysing the economic attractiveness of Europe’s countries. The study shows that the number of international investments in France are rapidly increasing.

Poppy mentioned that France’s different regions have their own assets in terms of their strong industry sectors and the support they can offer to international companies interested in expanding to France.

Let’s have a look at Provence in Southern France, in terms of key business and benefits to set up a business there.


Setting up in Vaucluse Provence: the key business sectors

In its 2018 annual report regarding foreign investments in France, Business France pointed out that Provence is one of the most popular regions for R&D projects, ICT companies and biotechnology.

Vaucluse is indeed a key player in the South of France’s digital scene, with 600 companies, as well as research and training centres, and a university specialized in the fields of automatic language processing and Man-machine dialog. In addition, Avignon is part of the French Tech network, which can help SMEs in their R&D and development. Key markets in Vaucluse Provence are museology, e-tourism, RFID, and technological applications for cultural and artistic implementation.

We shouldn’t forget the cosmetics industry, as Provence is known worldwide for its landscapes of lavender fields. Vaucluse is home to companies specialized in research into cosmetic formulation, customized packaging, and production of aromas and ingredients.

Vaucluse Provence is also an attractive place to set up business for companies in the food, logistics and aeronautical industries, who will find a developed business network and many local partners. Vaucluse also attracts many tourism investments, such as hotel creations and takeovers of tourist attractions. 


Benefits of setting up in Vaucluse Provence

Located in the French region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the Vaucluse department benefits from a strategic position in Southern France: close to the cities of Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille, Nice, with easy access to Italy and Spain, it is only 2 hours from London, Brussels and Madrid thanks to Marseille International Airport.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities to set up your business in France, please contact Poppy Newall or Anton Frenzel who will be able to offer free, non-binding advice.


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Setting up in the South of France


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