In order to expand its presence in France, the Swedish industrial group Svensson has chosen Yonne to establish its new warehouse. The proximity to Paris, the availability of real estate, with competitive costs, as well as the responsiveness of the local development agency, were all compelling factors for the entrepreneur who didn't hesitate for long before making Saint-Florentin the new focal point in France.

"Approximately 2,500 square meters for storing and receiving finished products destined for France and Yonne, where Svensson Group already has several important clients, was the goal of the Swedish company specialized in pies and handling equipment", explains Kassandra Allen, business location manager at Geolink Expansion / Immo-HUB, who was the first to learn about the Scandinavian company's project.

"In addition to the building that perfectly met our needs and its proximity to National Route N77, the region's responsiveness was also a significant advantage in our decision to join Saint-Florentin" details Francisco Moreno, the French director for Svensson Group. A statement that delighted Kassandra, who quickly realized how well the Yonne department aligned with the entrepreneur's expectations. "All that remained was to gather the entrepreneur's requirements and connect him with the Yonne Equipement agency, which promptly presented him with properties in line with his project and allowed him to conduct several visits quickly". With success, as only a few weeks after the initial contact, an acquisition contract was signed. While initially the site will primarily serve as a storage facility, Francisco Moreno already envisions "the (potential) creation of a new production line that will enable Svensson Group to truly enter the French market".

To be continued...

SVENSSON GROUP chooses Yonne to continue its development


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