2 BAFTAS, 3 films nominated for the Oscars, and more than 200 awards won all over the world... In just 4 years, the École des Nouvelles Images has established itself in the world of French animation. Julien Deparis, its director, tells us what convinced him to create one of the most successful French schools in recent years.


Can you explain what led you to set up the École des Nouvelles Images?

Our idea was to train future 3D film professionals, but we also wanted to propose a new educational and cooperative model, supported by an experienced team, recognised professionals and committed parents.


Why did you choose Avignon and the Vaucluse department to create your company?

Avignon has an exceptional heritage, which is favourable to the quality of life of our students. At the same time, we have benefited from an excellent welcome from the region. In addition, the University of Avignon encourages the emergence of partnerships and contributes to the success of our establishment.

Julien Deparis, director of 'Ecole des Nouvelles Images'


Why do you empathize with the quality of life of the students?

The school is designed to accommodate 200 students for the whole academic year. This favours the creation of close links between students and the teaching staff, the exchange of knowledge and mutual help between students. In addition, last April, the school was distinguished with the "HappyAtSchool" label, which rewards schools that make a real effort to meet the essential expectations of their students.


Could you tell us about your expectations and France's place in the animation market?

France is the first European producer and the third most influential country in the world, as animation studios have been developed considerably in the last few years. Our school was created to contribute to this development. The importance of training is essential to our work. That's why more than 60 partners give courses every year.


What are the access criteria?

Each year, an entrance exam is organised according to the number of possible enrolments and is open to young people who have a high school diploma. The exam focuses on the practice of drawing, the ability to analyse an image and the artistic creation, with the added requirement of having a basic knowledge of 3D tools. Those who have completed three years of studies at another animation school, or who have equivalent professional experience, can also access the fourth year. The five-year course at the École des Nouvelles Images aims to give our students technical knowledge of 3D tools. Our role is to offer them a framework that allows them to aspire to excellence.


 What is the base of a real ecosystem?

It already exists, as more and more studios are moving away from Paris to other regions, and the South of France is interesting for those who want to combine professionalism with quality of life. The health crisis and remote working have accelerated this trend. We are very proud to see that the establishment of our school and the quality of our territory invite companies in our sector to set up here. In fact, the number of sectors using 3D images is increasing, such as science, architecture and tourism. The emergence of online video platforms has also accelerated the development of our industry. More than ever, studios need well-trained young 3D artists to respond better to these new economic challenges.





The Vaucluse department, ideal location for the university “École des Nouvelles Images” and the animation industry


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