Following the success of the first webinar organised in collaboration with the Geolink Expansion and Invest-HUB teams, Genopole is doing it again. Scheduled for Tuesday 22 November at 4pm, this new meeting will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovative project leaders in the biotech sector to discover a unique ecosystem in Europe's most attractive country. It will also be an opportunity to find out more about an ambitious biocluster that has embarked on a vast development programme to promote the growth of companies in the sector, whatever their degree of maturity. 

France has never been so attractive to international investors. Last year, more than 1,600 investment projects chose France to develop, including 247 from the United States. The Brexit, France's central position within the European market, the quality of its infrastructure, the favourable tax system for R&D and the ambitious recovery plan put in place by the public authorities all contribute significantly to this attraction for France.

As France's leading biocluster and incubator for biotechnological innovations, Genopole® has embarked on an ambitious real estate programme to meet the numerous demands for office and laboratory space. This is a godsend for young project leaders and more mature biotech companies looking for the ideal setting to accelerate their development in a unique living environment, only a few kilometres from Paris.

The aim of this webinar is to tell you more about the advantages of a unique site that is completing its transformation to offer unique development conditions for professionals in the biotech sector.


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[WEBINAR] Genopole boosts the growth of innovative entrepreneurs


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