The Mediterranean Company Centre is located in Rivesaltes, in the Occitanie region. With an area of between 2 and 10 hectares, this site welcomes industrial activities, warehouses and mixed-use offices. This site is labelled as a ready to use industrial site by "Territoires d'industrie"

Park's description

Mediterranean Company Centre in the Occitanie region

Industrial, warehouses and mixed-use offices company centre with between 2 and 10 ha of ready-to-use sites with immediate availability.

The land can be divided upon request. 

The site is in the town of Rivesaltes, in the south of France.


A serviced area

The site is fitted out with drinking water and electricity connection less or greater than 250 KVa on request.

The site also offers day care services, collective sanitation and there is public transport available.



This site is located in Rivesaltes in the Occitanie region.

The site has access to roads and motorways, with proximity to the Perpignan Nord motorway interchange only 2 km away.

There is an international airport 5 minutes away.

There is a high speed railway station 10 minutes away.

There is public transport in the area.


Local ecosystem

Perpignan employment zone: 13.4% unemployment rate. Active population: 148,793 people.

There are many potential partners in the area: More than 50 establishments on the site including Wallon France, Etair Méditerranée, Exrem'Vision, Ochando, Lea logistique, etc.

There is aid for commercial real estate projects.



The Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery has selected this business park as a "ready to use industrial site" as part of the Territoires d'Industrie programme. This business park is conducive to the installation of new industrial activities within a reliable and controlled timeframe.

Would you like to know more about the Territoires d'industrie label? Read our article:



Business sector


Technical data and infrastructure

  • Broadband Internet Without
  • Classified facility NOT DEFINED
  • Traffic connections Road Train Air

Economic environment

  • Research centres, education and universities

    2 competitiveness clusters DERBI (renewable
    energies) and Qu&LIMED (agri-food).
    10,000 students, 1 university centre, 5 university
    schools, 3 apprentice training centres, 5 research
    centres, IAE, IDEM, etc.
    2 reference engineering schools: IMERIR
    (Mediterranean Institute of Study and Research in
    Computer and Robotics), SUP'EnR (1st
    engineering school specialising in renewable
    energies in Europe)

Financial conditions

Living environment and services

Access to the Business Park

  • Motorways < 20 min.
  • Regional trains, tramway and metro < 20 min.
  • High-speed trains < 20 min.
  • Airport < 20 min.
  • International airport < 20 min.
  • Public transport in the area Yes

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Key information

  • Last update 24/01/2022
  • Radius Regional
  • Lot size 1 to 10 ha
  • Number of offers online 0
  • Available plots Yes
  • Type of park Business area
  • Management body Meena Bhukhureea

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