Short-lease premises and buildings

Short-lease premises and buildings

Local authorities carry out an ambitious building policy to host new companies on their territory. Thanks to our network of local authorities, departments and business parks throughout France, invest-HUB can help you with your search for the best short-lease premises and buildings.

Advantages of setting up your company in short-lease premises

Short-lease premises are simple business property solutions offered by local authorities: business premises for multiple purposes with competitive rent prices facilitating companies' development on the territory.

Companies who choose short-lease premises can benefit from a 23-months lease. This solution allows them to start or develop their business, then to settle down on a given territory and consider a long-term solution (e.g. by building on a business area).

Short-lease premises in France

Thanks to our network of local authorities throughout France, invest-HUB is charged with promoting business property solutions offered by local authorities committing to hosting new companies.

Check out our short-lease premises and buildings, business incubators and business service centres in France by contacting us by email or phone.

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