Explore this newly available agri-food facility spanning 6,000 sqm, strategically located in Dieuze within the "La Sablonnière" industrial park. Purposefully crafted for ventures in the agri-food sector, this property boasts a 477-hectare plot with dedicated access for both light and heavy vehicles. Offering a host of amenities, including a parking area with 52 spaces, including 2 electric vehicle charging stations, an expansive outdoor reception space measuring 100 sqm complete with a loading dock, and assorted technical zones.

Description of the property

Agri-food Building of 6,000 sqm - Available for Purchase in Dieuze, Moselle (57)

This 6,000 sqm architectural gem in Dieuze, nestled within the confines of "La Sablonnière," is tailor-made for agri-food enterprises. Ideal for those looking to scale up food production operations, the property encompasses a sprawling 477-hectare parcel with dedicated entry points for both light and heavy vehicles. Offering a parking area accommodating 52 vehicles, inclusive of 2 electric vehicle charging stations, an outdoor reception space of 100 sqm with a loading dock, and a variety of technical zones.

Workshop Space Distribution:

  • A meticulously organized production area of 2,000 sqm, adhering to IFS standards, boasting chemical-resistant food-grade flooring, isothermal panels, and an elevated ceiling height of 6 meters.
  • A storage expanse of 250 sqm housing an 8-meter-high positive cold room, a dedicated preparation/loading zone spanning 90 sqm, and ambient storage covering 380 sqm, easily accessible via 2 loading docks.

Technical Zone - Outfitted with State-of-the-Art Facilities:

  • A 2.5 T/h steam boiler.
  • Comprehensive compressed air facilities.
  • A low-voltage electrical distribution board (TGBT).
  • A robust 1,250 kVA transformer seamlessly connected to the grid.
  • A dedicated cold production setup.

Social and Office Spaces - Thoughtfully Designed:

  • A combined 60 sqm of changing rooms for both genders and a spacious 48 sqm break room.
  • An inviting entrance hall spanning 45 sqm.
  • On the ground floor, 80 sqm of office space, complete with a terrace, featuring 3 individual offices and a well-appointed meeting room.
  • The first floor showcases 7 offices and 1 meeting room, covering a total area of 184 sqm and complemented by an additional terrace.

This building is impeccably suited for enterprises poised to embark on large-scale food production endeavors.

Top-Notch Equipments and Services:

  • Advanced video surveillance infrastructure.
  • An expansive outdoor reception area measuring 100 sqm with a well-equipped loading dock.
  • Potential for future expansion, with an additional 2,200 sqm available.
  • A dedicated maintenance workshop covering 70 sqm, complemented by a mezzanine.
  • Cutting-edge effluent treatment facilities.

Optimal Accessibility in the Heart of the Moselle Department

Dieuze, a vibrant community in the Moselle department within the Grand Est region, enjoys excellent connectivity across various transportation modes.

This industrial gem benefits from an exceptional location in the heart of the Grand Est Region, a mere 65 kilometers from Metz, 45 kilometers from Nancy, and just 35 kilometers from major highways leading to Metz, Paris, Strasbourg, and Germany. This strategic position not only ensures remarkable accessibility but also facilitates seamless connections to major cities in the region and key destinations through a well-connected highway network.

Proximity to Key Facilities:

  • The A4 and A31 highways, serving as primary access routes. The A4 links Metz to Strasbourg, while the A31 facilitates journeys to Nancy, Dijon, and beyond.
  • Metz Train Station: Approximately 50 kilometers away, translating to about a 45-minute drive.
  • Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport: Roughly 70 kilometers distant, equating to approximately an hour's drive.

Interested in this Industrial Marvel in Dieuze?

The sale price is negotiable under judicial administration. For additional details or to schedule a visit to this remarkable industrial property in Dieuze, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Technical features

  • Multimodality Road
  • Controlled temperature Positive and negative cold
  • Loading dock Yes
  • Sectional doors Yes
  • Parking area Yes
  • Broadband Internet Optical fibre
  • Secured building Yes

Financial conditions

Access to the area

  • Motorways < 20 min.
  • Regional trains, tramway and metro < 20 min.
  • High-speed trains < 20 min.
  • Airport < 20 min.
  • International airport < 20 min.


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Key information

  • Type of property industrial properties
  • Last update 08/01/2024
  • General condition of the property new
  • Land Acreage 477.00 m2
  • Minimum area 6000.00 m2
  • Maximum area 6000.00 m2
  • Effective height 6.00 m

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