Areas undergoing industrial redevelopment

A company getting involved in an industrial restructuring site project can often apply for different types of public aid.    
Through our network of public authorities, our free setup assistance service can keep you abreast of any development opportunities that arise in zones undergoing restructuring.

The avantages of setting up in a zone undergoing industrial restructuring    

A factory's closure can prove traumatic for territories and, as such, local and national eco-institutional stakeholders are developing incentives for creating new job opportunities within a hard-hit employment area.    
In this instance, areas undergoing industrial restructuring can become golden development opportunities for SMEs/SMIs looking to expand and invest in France.    
Available at European, national or regional level, such schemes offer financial benefits that can influence the choice of location:    
  • Investment grants    
  • Job creation grants    
  • Tax exemptions 

Identifying sites or areas undergoing industrial restructuring in France    

Through its local authority network that covers the whole of France, is able to tell you which industrial sites are looking for buyers and which areas benefit from investment grant schemes in France.    
To find out more, why not call one of our setup managers or complete a contact form. 

Find out more about assistance schemes available to companies 

Setting up in an area undergoing industrial restructuring can also prove beneficial in terms of:    
  • Human resources: there is a qualified workforce ready and waiting to get straight to work    
  • Logistics: the infrastructure in place concerning transport services is often already well developed for accessing road, rail or river networks    
  • Real estate and available land: high-quality plots or vacant industrial buildings are often available at very affordable rates, with high-quality local shops and amenities    
  • Taxation: some areas undergoing industrial restructuring come with highly attractive tax incentives or exemptions for a company   

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