Business areas

Thanks to our network of local authorities throughout France, invest-HUB can help you with your search for premises and plots on business areas. We can also provide you with information about business parks' new programmes in your search area.

Business parks in France

Business areas are spaces exclusively committed to hosting economic activities. They are directly or indirectly arranged by local authorities, who later rent or sell business premises to those companies wishing to establish there. Business areas can be dedicated to a specific economic sector (eco-activities, agri-food industry, logistics) or not, depending on the territory's economic strategy. There are different denominations according to the area's purpose (industrial zone, artisanal zone, tertiary zone, business parks, technology park or industrial park).  

In order to facilitate your establishment on their territory, local authorities provide you building land or business premises for rent or sale within their business area.

Business premises or plots on business areas

Thanks to our network of local authorities and business parks throughout France, we can propose you all the available business properties within business areas. invest-HUB leads you to the best locations meeting your project specifications.

In order to allow you benefit from fiscal and social advantages, invest-HUB inform you also about available premises on Rural Revitalisation Zones, Urban Rehabilitation Zones and Urban Free Zones.

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