Why set up your company in Switzerland?

Setting up your company in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the strongest business locations in the world and a stable environment in political, economic and financial terms as well as a high standard of living:

  • Competitive rates of taxation
  • Innovation capacity and new technologies
  • Nearby major foreign markets
  • Quality of the educational system
  • Quality of transport infrastructure
  • On the 3rd place of the “Human Development Report 2015”

Finding the right location for your company in Switzerland

Set up your company in Switzerland

More than 40 business areas with high-speed Internet access are situated in Switzerland:

  • Companies working in the fields of biotechnology, organic and molecular industry, medical technologies are welcome within the office building Chli Ebnet near Zurich.
  • Industrial companies can set up within the industrial area for high-tech firms (healthcare, chemistry, mechanical engineering) or in the Business park “Infrapark Baselland” (industrial and logistic activities, research and development).
  • The technology park “Marly Innovation Center” in Switzerland was especially designed for innovative ICT companies. The Business park “Baslerpark” near Zurich offers offices and working spaces for rent. The Business park “Lake Geneva Park” consists of modern open-plan offices near Geneva.
  • Several business districts welcome international companies.

Commercial real estate in Switzerland

Real estate price in Switzerland: turnkey offices in Zurich starting from 215 € / m² / year.

Commercial real estate opportunities in Switzerland: a solution for every business project.

  • Business centres in Switzerland
  • Opportunities for biotech companies in Switzerland
  • Find now business properties and industrial land in Switzerland
  • Starting a business in Switzerland

International companies in Switzerland

  • EFW Capital Advisors
  • EMEA Sigma-Aldrich International
  • Google Switzerland
  • Tasly Europe
  • Welle Laser Technology
  • And many more


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