Exemption from fiscal and social charges

Exemptions from fiscal and social charges

Thanks to our network of local authorities throughout France, we can inform you for free about local and regional aid that you can apply while creating or setting up of your company. 

These public grants are provided by the French government or local authorities and can take different forms:

  • Investment grants and aid for job creation
  • Tax relief depending on the chosen area
  • ZRR zones also allow companies to be exempted from territorial economic contribution (CET). 
  • ZFU measures allow you to benefit from an exemption from employers' social security contributions, family allowances, the National Fund for Housing Assistance (FNAL) and, when appropriate, from an additional FNAL and from transport contributions.
  • Exemption from social and fiscal charges over 5 years (e.g. BER measures in the region Ardennes*)

BER aid in Ardennes

Companies who start a business before the 31st December 2017 in the department of Ardennes, on Employment Areas that need revitalising (BER), can benefit from fiscal and social advantages almost unique in France:

  • Exemption from fiscal charges over 5 years
  • Exemption from social charges over 5 years

Run a simulation to calculate how much you can save on taxes and social charges by developing your activity in Ardennes!


Public grants to set up your company in a French region

In order to find out more about regional and local grants that you can apply for to create or set up your business in France, do not hesitate to contact us for any advice by phone, by email at implantation@geolink-expansion.com or by filling in the contact form.

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