Why set up your company in Argenteuil?

Argenteuil, the third largest town in Île-de-France and the largest town in Val d'Oise

Located in the Île-de-France region, the town of Argenteuil is strategically located close to the capital city and the business centre of La Défense.

Setting up in Argenteuil will give you quick access to Paris. Argenteuil is the third largest town in Île-de-France, with over 110,400 inhabitants, 8,600 companies, 30,000 jobs and 3 business parks. Its position, in the Val d'Oise department and the Greater Paris metropolitan area, gives a strategic location that will benefit your business development.

Setting up in Argenteuil offers great advantages for your company:

  • Geostrategic location, as it is close to the capital and La Défense is only 20 minutes away, while maintaining attractive prices.
  • 9,400 public and private entities: about thirty entities with more than 100 employees.
  • 90% of the TPEs (companies with less than 10 employees) in this territory.

Argenteuil, a partner for economic stakeholders

Argenteuil has been awarded the national label "Territoires d'industrie", in recognition of its strong identity and the industrial expertise of the town. This is a great opportunity, as it allows to obtain financial support and to continue the projects initiated. The city is also a partner of the Cosmetic Valley and intends to promote the cosmetics sector and, more specifically, the "scents and aromas" sector (functional cosmetics and perfumery) in order to develop a real ecosystem in this sector.

Academic partnerships with the University of CY, GARAC and Paris XIII, which are currently underway or have already been completed, reinforce training in the region.  Thus, it enables other fields such as security, mobility, etc. This dynamic is also reflected in the Boucle A brand, a range of services for Argenteuil companies.

Easily accessible, as the town of Argenteuil has efficient connections

The town of Argenteuil benefits from excellent accessibility by road and rail, with transport links that allow to be 10 minutes from St Lazare station and 20 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport:

  • 2 motorways: A15 and A86.
  • 2 stations (Val d'Argenteuil and Gare Centrale)
  • Transilien line J
  • Intercity bus networks (TVO, RATP)

Since 2016, Argenteuil has been part of the Greater Paris metropolitan area, which includes 12 territories, 131 towns and 7.2 million inhabitants. It is also included in the Etablissement Public Territorial Boucle Nord de Seine, which is made up of 7 towns including Argenteuil, Gennevilliers, Villeneuve la Garenne, Colombes, Bois-Colombes, Asnières sur Seine and Clichy.

Adaptability to the corporate real estate offer

Given social and environmental changes, there is a need for business real-estate to be easily adaptable to the requests, needs and number of people occupying the premises. In this context, the versatility of premises is in the heart of the innovations and solutions of Argenteuil's new business buildings.

Several projects are underway and should be delivered in the next 2 years:

  • Urban Valley: over 20 000m² of new business premises in the business park
  • Argenteuil Littoral: 23 000m² of new premises specialised for the cosmetics industry and more generally innovative activities
  • Atelier du 114: new premises dedicated primarily to industries and businesses in need of storage space.
  • Pole Gare: new premises specialised for the cosmetics industry and more generally innovative activities

Business tourism: new brand

Seminars, conventions, congresses, conferences, etc... Business tourism contributes to the development and attractiveness of the region thanks to the large flow of people, both nationally and internationally.

The Argenteuil region is therefore positioning itself as a hub for business tourism:

  • Creation of hotels for delegations
  • Certifications
  • Business travel
  • Transport services
  • Reception of events

The Argenteuil region has declared that it intends to make business tourism its new brand through its projects.

Where can you set up a business in Argenteuil?

Argenteuil: A diverse and high-quality business real estate offer

The territory has several real-estate opportunities to set up your company in Argenteuil.

All types of companies can find a property in Argenteuil, including headquarters.

This variety of offers available for rent or sale allows companies to invest in long term and perpetuate their activity.

  • Offices for rent in Argenteuil
  • Commercial premises in Argenteuil

The town of Argenteuil has a business incubator which is a real benchmark for project managers and young companies in the area.

  • Business incubators in Argenteuil

3 business parks:

  • Val d'Argent
  • Berges de Seine
  • Gare


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