Setting up your company in Rouen

Only 1 hour away from Paris, in the heart of an area with 816,000 inhabitants, the city of Rouen represents the ideal economic and working environment to set up your company in Normandy:

  • Famous universities, engineering schools and business schools
  • Research and innovation centres
  • Numerous sectors of excellence: environmental technologies, health and biotech, ICT, industry and logistics
  • Close to north European capitals like London, Brussels and Paris
  • Close to 5 airports: Paris-Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Beauvais, Deauville and Rouen Vallée de Seine.
  • The major sea port of Rouen is member of the Economic Interest Group HAROPA. Rouen is therefore a vital economic centre along the river Seine, halfway between Paris and the Channel
  • A city with a rich industrial history and a strong economy, especially as regards the pharmacy industry, biotechnologies, industry and digital technologies
  • Numerous international companies: Ferrero France, Cargill, Crown Packaging, Lubrizol, Lincoln Electric, Koyo, Segafredo Zanetti, Hermès Maroquinerie, Barry Callebaut, Erlab, Sanofi Pasteur, Janssen Cilag, Johnson et Johnson, Hermès Parfum, Valdepharm, Intertek, Aptar Pharma, Frénésius Kabi France
  • 3 centres of excellence: the Technopôle du Madrillet for environmental technologies, Seine Innopolis for digital technologies and Rouen Innovation Santé for health and medical research. These technology parks aim at promoting scientific exchange

Find the right location for your company in Rouen

Business parks and industrial areas in Rouen, Normandy

  • Logistic companies such as Total, Schenker, Continental Pharma, Rhénus, TFE, ILN Renault, Vente Unique, De Rijke, Malherbe, Deret are welcome in Rouen, within the Business park Le Malaquis, the port terminal Petit-Couronne or in the hub Rouen Vallée de Seine Logistique. Overall more than 3,000 companies and 24,000 employees work in the area.
  • The major sea port of Rouen hosts the activity of logistics and port companies. Halfway between Paris and the sea, along the river Seine, this port is both a sea and river port. 26 million tons goods are processed at the port. Natural gateway to Europe, 1st European port for the export of cereals and French specialist in agri-food products, the port of Rouen is a leading actor for paper products, wood and refined oil products.
  • Industrial companies are welcome in Rouen: 13 specific business parks for the industry, such as Parc d'activités de la Sablonnière, Parc d'activités de Yainville, Parc d'activités Le Malaquis, CREAPARC. More than 2,000 aeronautical, food, energy, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive companies in Rouen.
  • Environmental technology companies will be able to set up in Rouen within the business incubator Seine Ecopolis or the technology centre Madrillet.
  • Tertiary companies in Rouen: offices in the city centre or on the outskirts (Parc de la Vatine, Parc de la Ronce, Parc du Zénith and so on).
  • Healthcare and biotech companies will benefit from highly developed infrastructure, such as business service centres, technology centres and the university hospital centre.
  • ICT companies can set up in Rouen: the Business park Seine Innopolis is labelled “Normandy French Tech” and is especially designed for digital companies. 10,000 m² of offices for every company size.

International companies in Rouen

More than 42,000 businesses for a total of 258,000 employees in Rouen, Normandy. Numerous leading companies have chosen to set up in Rouen:

  • MAE


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