Financial leasing

The financial leasing aims to help companies with the realisation of their business projects

The financial leasing of commercial properties through local authorities

The set of measures developed by local authorities aim to support setting up or expanding companies (building construction, purchase of land or buildings, site preparation, building extension).

This tool aims at supporting companies with their financing of building projects.

The financial leasing of commercial properties facilitates the projects' financing by providing adequate guarantees fulfilling the commitments as regards the repayment of the loan.

Through mixed-ownership companies, local authorities can acquire business land instead of companies, in order to offer them a long-term lease.

Under what conditions can I call upon financial leasing?

The financial leasing's particularity is to be able to adapt to companies' needs and to commit to creating tailor-made solutions that meet the expectations of growing companies or respond to a territory's specific problem (e.g. lack of workshops or offices).

The conditions are the same of a property developer who builds or runs business premises and then rents them.

Are you looking for a financial leasing solution?

Several partner territories working with invest-HUB have developed financial leasing solutions to help companies with the creation of new business premises (warehouses, industrial building, laboratory and so on).

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