Why set up your company in the Aix-Marseille area?

Aix-Marseille-Provence is the 2nd Metropolis of France

 It is made up of 92 municipalities and covers nearly 3,148 sqm. Up until now, the territory has enabled the creation of more than 740, 000 jobs and allows the creation of nearly 18,600 companies per year.

From Martigues in the West to Aubagne in the East, via Istres, Salon-de-Provence and Aix-en-Provence, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis has inherited a large architectural and cultural heritage, particularly with its city centre, Marseille, the oldest city in France.

Métropole Aix Marseille - Territoire

Accessibility and geostrategic positioning

Aix-Marseille Metropolis offers an ideal location, visibility and accessibility to companies located on its territory:

  • Motorways A7, A8, A50, A55, A52…
  • Marseille Provence Airport
  • River port in Arles
  • 1st Port of France in Marseille
  • Marseille TGV station (3 hours from Paris, 5 hours from Brussels, 7 hours from London and Milan)

Dynamism and innovation

A major trade crossroads in the Mediterranean, Aix-Marseille-Provence focuses its economic development on research, innovation and a unique lifestyle, the one from Provence.

This dynamism has led to the creation of several centres dedicated to innovation:

  • 10 competitiveness clusters in the PACA region
  • 3 science parks
  • 1 science and technology park
  • 1 media centre
  • 1 technopark
  • 12 business incubators, 2 incubators, 8 business hotels
  • 200 research structures

The territory’s sectors of excellence are varied:

  • Mechanics and aeronautics
  • Maritime and logistics
  • Health
  • Digital and creative industries
  • Tourism and art of living
  • Environment and energy

Skilled labour

More than 95,000 students are trained in the Aix-Marseille area, including 75,000 at Aix-Marseille University, France’s leading university.

The workforce is trained and directly available on the territory, close to the numerous business parks and innovation-related clusters.

International territory

The Aix-Marseille Metropolis is becoming more attractive every day and welcomes companies from all over the world. 

Today, 700 foreign companies are already established in the Aix-Marseille area and nearly ¼ of the jobs are in international firms.

Every year, the Metropolis welcomes around 64 new foreign companies.

The region’s multimodality, its geostrategic location in the South of France and its dynamism reinforce the attractiveness of the area on all levels.


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