Why set up your company in Dijon, France?

Setting up your company in Dijon, Burgundy

Dijon represents an innovative city, one of the 5 cities in France which most attracts investments:

  • Less than 2 hours by train from Paris, Lyon, Nancy, Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Basel
  • Located at the intersection of the motorways A38 / A39-A36 / A31 / A6
  • Rail-road platform with connections to Zeebrugge, Fos-Marseille, Lyon, Antwerp
  • Tax exemptions in certain areas (AFR-ZRD)
  • 1st Smart City of France with several fields of excellence: intelligent systems, advanced materials, smart building
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and training networks: university campus I-SITE, engineering school ESIREM
  • Research centre “Inventiva” for pharmaceutical research
  • Cutting-edge facilities for food companies: the competitive cluster Goût-nutrition-santé Vitagora, the high school Agrosup Dijon, Agronov Technology park, the start-up accelerator Accelerise
  • Several research and innovation programs
  • Prestigious schools

Finding the right location for your company in Dijon

Business parks and commercial real estate in Dijon

More than 10 equipped business areas in Dijon:

  • AgrOnov Technology Park: AgrOnov Technology Park is dedicated to innovation in the agri-environment. It’s a technological platform that promotes interaction and collaboration between research and disciplines of the agricultural or industrial sector, such as biology, ecology and sociology. The site of Bretenière was built for hosting companies within offices or building plots. The access to shared services and equipment (like a laboratory and two greenhouses) represents a major asset.
  • Inventiva Dijon - platforms for laboratories: The research centre “Inventiva” is 15 minutes away from Dijon and offers laboratories, offices as well as two animal facilities for companies working in the following fields: biology, screening, target validation, chemistry, ADME and pharmacology (in vitro and in vivo). 
  • Mazen Sully area – Dijon: The Mazen-Sully area is dedicated to business innovation and technology transfer. It involves several centres: Mazen-Sully Business Park; Novarea, a centre for academic research and for innovative public or private companies; plots of land for new businesses.
  • Ecoparc Dijon - Burgundy: The Ecoparc Dijon Bourgogne, in the region Burgundy, is the new business area at the eastern edge of Dijon. It’s on the municipalities of Saint-Apollinaire and Quétigny and is mainly dedicated to agri-food, biotechnological, engineering activities and eco-activities. The park offers 110 hectares of land, of which 90 ha for industry and business services and 20 ha for small and medium companies. The plots of land and the internal organisation adapt to your needs.
  • Ecopôle Valmy – Dijon: North of Dijon, Valmy Eco Park offers two 150 000 m² floor areas for companies working in the service sector. Today, an additional area of 120 000 m² along Dijon’s ring road is available for hosting major projects.
  • Beauregard Business Park in Dijon: Beauregard Business Park is located at the southern edge of Dijon, on the industrial zone of Longvic / Ouges, for industrial companies and business services.
  • Dijon-Bourgogne Airport: Dijon Bourgogne Airport rents several kinds of buildings: warehouses, offices or depots.

Competitive prices for commercial real estate in Dijon:

  • Industrial land in Dijon from 40€/m²
  • Warehouses for the aeronautical industry for rent from 40€/m²/year
  • More than 300 hectares industrial land in Dijon

International companies in Dijon

  • Food companies: Amora-Maille (Unilever) SEB, Eurogerm, Savoye, Bericap, DS Smith
  • Healthcare and biotech companies: Urgo, Sanofi, Merck Médication familiale,Welience, Inoplant, Sediag, Agrene, Inoculum Plus, Mycagroalob, 3 Bulbes, Biomep, Graines de Noé 
  • Large industrial groups in Dijon: Schneider, Safran, Tetra Pak, Sundyne


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