Urban Free Zones – ZFU

Thanks to our network of local authorities, we can inform you for free and promptly about availabilities within Urban Free Zones (ZFU) in most French regions.

Advantages of setting up your activity in a ZFU

Urban Free Zones (ZFU) are geographic areas where companies employing local workforce can benefit from tax advantages. Created in 1997 and relaunched in 2004, they bring significant benefits to companies.

ZFU measures allow you to benefit from an exemption from employers' social security contributions, family allowances, the National Fund for Housing Assistance (FNAL) and, when appropriate, from an additional FNAL and from transport contributions.  

More precisely, companies who choose to set up their business in a ZFU can be eligible for exemptions from the income tax, the business tax, employers' social security contributions, personal contributions for artisans and shopkeepers, the property tax for companies whose activity is one of those recognised by law.

Available business premises and plots on Urban Free Zones (ZFU)

Our service is charged with promoting Urban Free Zones of different French regions. You can check out for free our premises on Urban Free Zones by simply contacting one of our experts.

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